Do you think walking is a proper exercise?

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  • November 4, 2020
  • I cannot empathize the importance of cross training. But in fact, since I started to work for London escorts, I have found that walking is perhaps the ultimate cross training tool, and I find that I make use of walking more and more as part of my keep fit routine for London escorts. As a result, I am even thinking about ditching my membership at the rather costly London gym that I belong to. It could ultimately save me a lot of money, and I am not sure how much good is doing me.


    When you are out walking, you should try to walk in different styles if you know what I mean. I normally walk very fast for ten minutes, slower foe five minutes and then I speed it up again. That is a fantastic way to increase muscle tone in your legs, and at the same time you are giving your heart and lungs a good healthy work out. You will soon feel the blood pumping. I know that a lot of the girls at London escorts swear by jogging, but did you know that you can damage the veins in your legs by jogging?


    Walking is a much better alternative to jogging, and the nice thing about walking, is that you can do it in a group as well. The only special equipment that you will really need, is a pair of decent walking shoes. You will see a lot of people walking with Scandinavian walking poles as well. They are in fact a great idea when you use them correctly. A couple of the girls at our London escorts service have bought them, but many of the girls do not use them correctly. That is when they don’t do a lot for you.


    If you do have a couple of Scandinavian walking poles, you can use for the resistance training as well. Most people would not thought that you would be able to do so, but you certainly can. I use them all of the time to help me do lounges and squats when I am out walking in the past. My London escorts colleagues often wonder why it takes me such a long time to complete my walking working out, but I do many other things on my walking work out as well.


    Being out in the fresh air is important, and should be an important part of a walking work out. Yes, I know that London is much polluted, but there are places in London you can go. Try places like the Greenwich common which is just packed with trees. The trees protect you a little bit from pollution, and that is what you want to achieve. I often walk before I start my shift with London escorts. It gives me the energy to last the night and I know that I will be in great shape for my gents. If you suffer from bloating, it is one of the best exercises that you can do for your wellbeing.

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