how sex is different for men and women

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  • September 19, 2018
  • You really have to ask yourself why there is such a bridge to cross when it comes to the idea of sex between men and women. I never used to spend a lot of time thinking about this sort of thing, but when I started to escort for London escorts, I got a bit of an eye opener. Too many men that I meet at London escorts, sex seems to be something practical, and there is not emotional attachment at all.

    I think this is what some women find so hard to relate to when it call comes down to it. How do I experience sex? To me, the emotional part is just as important as the physical part. But if you were to ask me, I would probably say that the emotional side is more important to women than men. Ask the girls at London escorts, I would say that 9 out of 10 London escorts would say the same thing. All ladies attach a lot of emotion to sex. Do men find this easy to relate to? I am afraid that they don’t. I have never com across a man who really understand the emotional connection.

    I am not going to say that all men don’t understand the emotional connection for women. During my time with London escorts, I have met a lot of gay and trans guys who are a lot more in touch with their feminine side. They seem to understand much better what is going on. When I talk to my friends at London escorts, it is clear that most of them do prefer to talk about sex with women or gay men. It sort of makes it easier, and they seem to understand.

    Many men and women do not share a share all their sexual interests. For instance, you may be married to someone who is into BDSM and you are not. What do you do then? Do you let that person go out to enjoy him or herself? I think that you may need to do so. The question is how do you emotionally feel about it? That is what I have often have to deal with at London escorts, and it is not easy. Many men who date London escorts for things like BDSM adult fun often feel at least a little bit guilty about it. I can understand that. Do they tell their partners? I don’t think so. Should you tell your partner? I think that you should, but it is a matter of timing. If you tell your wife or husband that you are hooking up with London girls for BDSM after you have been married for a couple of months, it is not such a good idea. However, if you tell your new partner before you commit to each other, I think that the relationship may work out. Being honest sexually is just as important to be honest on other emotional levels, and that is something that applies to both men and women.

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