Even lovers need a holiday

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  • February 18, 2017
  • I cannot remember who sung this song, but the title is very true. Lovers really do need a holiday. Recently I went on a girlie break with my friends from London escorts, and when I got back, I was all ready to go again. When I climbed into bed the first night back with my boyfriend, I was really up for it and used tied his wrists behind his head with his tie. He was a bit shocked, but he seemed to enjoy the adventure that I have him.

    Interestingly enough, my other London escorts said that they had done the same thing. Yes, we had worked really hard at charlotte escorts to rent that stunning villa in Spain, but it had been worth it on so many levels. Not only had we come back with great tans, but we had also come back home with a new sexy attitude. If you like, it was one of the best holidays that I had ever enjoyed and we are planning to do the same thing next year.

    The funny thing was that we never even talked about sex on our holiday. Instead we spent our time talking about so many other things. When I stop and think about, we did not even mention London escorts. It was very strange and I think that it goes to prove that it is good for you to get away from it all. I am sure that more London escorts should be doing what we did. All of us really got a kick out of our holiday. We went out for meals, did some shopping and enjoyed the sunshine by the swimming pool. It was great and it just proves that girlie holidays do not need to involve too much drink and men. There is so much to talk about, and it is nice to just chill out together.

    When I got back to my charlotte escorts boudoir for my first date since my holiday, I had this really huge smile on my face. I felt good about myself and my body. Speaking to my other London escorts colleagues, it was clear that they felt the same way. We all had a really good holiday and it seemed to have undergone some sort of transformation. Even my first date at charlotte escorts said that I looked different and I thought that I did as well.

    Holidays are important to us, and I am pretty sure that we do not have enough of them. A few years ago, I would not have worried about taking a holiday from working at charlotte escorts and my partner, but now I know that it is super important. There is no way that I am going to let another year go past without a holiday. I am sure that most of the other girls here at London escorts feel the same way. We all need that little break from our work and lovers to make us feel good about ourselves again. I finally realize that now.

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