His First Experience With An Escort

  • emilyryder
  • January 16, 2017
  • Billy was sitting in his living room daydreaming about finding a woman and having a secret affair. He knew that he couldn’t go out in public to find a woman because he was a married man and he and his wife knew many people in the community. He couldn’t risk destroying his marriage over an urge. He really missed the company of a woman and he and his wife never had sex anymore. She said that she just never felt up to it and apologized for every time the issue was brought up.

    Billy had waited as long as he could stand to and he wanted to find a way to release some of his pent-up desires. After considering all his options, he decided that calling an escort service was his only safe option. He had never called an escort service before but he knew people that had. They reported that they had a great and discreet experience. He looked up the number of a company that he had heard about from his friends. He knew he would have to concoct a plan to be able to get away for several hours.

    He told his wife that he was going to help his friend Jim assemble some furniture and that he would be back later that night. She suspected nothing. He rented a hotel room and called Eve Escorts and told them to send a woman to his room right away. He could hardly contain his excitement as he waited for her to arrive.

    When she got there, he greeted her and then they made a little awkward small talk. She could tell he was a little nervous so she made the first move. He was relieved to finally have the wheels in motion and they began to undress. He thought that she looked stunning naked and noticed all the trouble she took to look her very best. It was refreshing to be with a woman that was styled to perfection and had a fresh manicure and pedicure and fashionable hair and smooth skin.

    He had forgotten how great it was to be with a woman and he had an incredible time. He knew that he was going to be calling the service again. He wondered why he had waited so long to call. At least now he knew that there was a way to satisfy his urges and not damage his reputation.

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